Delhi’s Electic Vehicle policy, 2020 is strongly rooted in consultation and continuous discussion with the industry. The Delhi government aims to consult with stakeholders, take insights and suggestions from the industry for the implementation of the policy as well. The Delhi EV forum is an effort to discuss and understand challenges towards deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, and identify potential solutions and gain commitments from private sector players to help achieve the e-vehicle and charging infrastructure targets defined in the policy.

The first meeting of the forum was held on 18 December and saw the participation of over 130 stakeholders. The forum seeks to provide a platform for continuous engagement with a broad set of stakeholders to implement the Delhi EV policy through a series of quarterly meetings.

The first EV forum covered important discussion points on –

1. EV models launch and promotion by OEMs
2. Charging infrastructure deployment
3. Electrification of commercial fleet operations

Read the detailed agenda here.

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VC-DDC Jasmine Shah addressing the first EV Forum
The first meeting saw the participation of over 130 stakeholders