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Press Releases

S. No. Title Date Details
1 Consultation with Women Entrepreneurs on Dilli Bazaar (51.14 KB) View
2 Meeting on Kerbside Charging for Electric Vehicles (51.77 KB) View
3 Launch of EV Mechanics Training Programme (54.61 KB) View
4 Launch of EV Charging Guidebook for Shopping Malls (60.91 KB) View
5 Partnership to Strengthen Citizen Engagement (51.65 KB) View
6 National Consultation on Delhi Solar Policy (105.63 KB) View
7 Electronic City: Round Table Discussion (52.83 KB) View
8 4th Delhi EV Forum | Celebrating 2 Years of Delhi EV Policy (59.32 KB) View
9 EV Charging Infrastructure Working Group- 5th Meeting (57.17 KB) View
10 5th Meeting of the EV Charging Infrastructure Working Group (57.17 KB) View
11 Press Release Review of RTSA (46.86 KB) View
12 Partnership to Promote Policy Research Studies (39.77 KB) View
13 Cabinet Approval of Delhi Startup Policy (68.32 KB) View
14 Partnership to Accelerate Renewable Energy Adoption (83 KB) View
15 Stakeholder Consultations for Cloud Kitchen Policy (95.88 KB) View
16 3rd Delhi EV Forum (64.2 KB) View
17 Partnership to Implement Electronic City Initiative (46.19 KB) View
18 Press Release Task Force for Homeless Children (46.25 KB) View
19 Press Release Inviting EoI for Designing Dilli Bazaar (52.67 KB) View
20 Inviting EoI to Build Dilli Bazaar (53.14 KB) View
21 Launch of Residential EV Charging Guidebook (70.32 KB) View
22 Partnership with J-PAL South Asia (51.72 KB) View
23 Press Release Consultations For Dilli Bazaar_1_december_2021 (54.44 KB) View
24 Consultation with Market Associations on Dilli Bazaar (55.43 KB) View
25 Launch of Workplace EV Charging Guidebook (95.37 KB) View
26 Smart Urban Farming Expo (61.74 KB) View
27 International Workshop on 'Transforming Delhi's Streets' (47.45 KB) View
28 Launch of Delhi@2047 (73.06 KB) View