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Rozgar Bazaar 2.0

Delhi Government launched its employment linkages platform- Rozgar Bazaar in July 2020 to support a large number of job seekers and employers after multiple lockdowns were imposed due to COVID-19. Despite receiving high traffic in the initial months (14 Lakh+ job seekers and 4 Lakh+ unique job vacancies, around 40% first-time job seekers and employers, etc.), the platform did not sustain traction due to multiple challenges, such as fraudulent job postings, poor matching of candidates for job postings, technical issues reported by job seekers and employers etc.

DDC Delhi conducted a thorough analysis of the challenges faced on the platform and the comprehensive benchmarking of similar public and private job portals, both in India and internationally, and subsequently, redefined the vision for Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 and identified key features for strengthening the platform and improving the user experience on the platform.

Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 (RB 2.0), with its highly advanced and unique offerings, is envisioned to be a one-stop platform for job seekers and employers in Delhi NCR. Unlike its predecessor, RB 2.0 will be developed as an integrated portal and will be implemented through a unique public-private partnership. RB 2.0 will be built as a white-labelled product offering with one anchor partner selected through the RFP process. The White Label Partner will be responsible for the development and operation of the platform.

Key Features of Rozgar Bazaar 2.0

RB 2.0 seeks to be an integrated portal that does more than just job listing and matching. Some of the key features envisioned for RB 2.0 include:

  •  Effective Job Search & Matching: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will introduce necessary features (filters, profiling inputs, skill taxonomy, etc.) to facilitate easy job search and an effective matching process for job seekers and employers.
  • Employer and Job Verification: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will validate employer credentials and job postings to ensure that the platform showcases only authentic employer profiles and filters out fraudulent or duplicate job postings.
  • Placement Tracking & Reporting: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will support the tracking of job applications and will track the confirmed job offers.
  • Additional Features: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will host additional features on the platform like resume builder, skill assessment for job seekers, bulk-hiring, employee management services for employers, etc.
  • Expanding Employment Linkage Opportunities: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will expand employment linkage opportunities to digitally disconnected populations, smaller MSMEs, minority sections of society, etc. and extend its functionality to niche segments, e.g., gig jobs.
  • Value-Added Services: Rozgar Bazaar 2.0 will offer a network of six value-added services that directly or indirectly aim to improve the employability of the job seekers – skilling, labour market information & analytics, career guidance, skill credentialing, the inclusion of government jobs, and social benefit schemes.