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Delhi Fights Corona Website and Mobile app


As COVID-19 made inroads in India, the country went into a state of frenzy. With little experience of handling and managing a pandemic of this scale, a socio-economic crisis as large as the impending health crisis stood before the Indian state. The indefinite period of Government imposed lockdown, ambiguous nature of the viral infection and its spread, and frequent bouts of misinformation regarding Government guidelines accelerated public fear and anxiety. The war against the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus was one of adequate and correct information regarding the social, economic and COVID management efforts of the government. 


In order to combat misinformation regarding COVID-19, the Department of Information and Publicity, GNCTD with the support of DDC designed and launched the Delhi Fights Corona website ( in April 2020. The website was to act as a platform for the residents of Delhi to seek any help/ assistance from the Government of NCT of Delhi and act as a reservoir of all the information and updates pertinent during the pandemic.


The information available on the website included:

  • COVID testing, number of positive cases, number of recoveries and total active cases in the city;
  • List of all containment zones, Testing facilities;
  • List of all ration shops and hunger relief centers;
  • Application for e-coupons for ration;
  • Application for e-pass for travel;
  • Press Releases for latest updates directly from the Government;
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The provision to check bed availability and information/ guidelines on home isolation were added later in April 2021 as the virus spread rapidly and raised citizen concerns regarding Delhi’s health infrastructure. DDC also supported the development of the Delhi Corona App, the first such mobile app by any state government across India which provided real time updates regarding the availability of beds and ventilators in the hospitals in Delhi. 



An option to make donations to support the health facilities of Delhi government financially or in kind (oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and finger-tip pulse oximeters) was also made available through the website. A step-by-step donation process was set up and managed by DDC to facilitate ordinary citizens of Delhi to participate in Delhi’s fight against Corona pandemic.