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Meeting on Kerbside Charging for Electric Vehicles

20th September, 2022

Meeting on Kerbside Charging for Electric Vehicles

DDC Delhi Vice Chairperson Sh. Jasmine Shah convened a high-level meeting on 19th September 2022 to discuss the roll-out plan for kerbside charging of electric vehicles in Delhi.

In the meeting, it was decided that kerbside charging will leverage lamp posts and substation spaces which have or are close to sites of on-street parking. The Delhi Government is looking to install more than 5000 kerbside EV chargers in the next 3 years.

The process will start with a pilot for 100 kerbside chargers spread equitably across all the three DISCOMs. The pilot will be designed under the aegis of DDC Delhi and DISCOMs will take the lead in the installation of kerbside chargers on PWD roads.