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EV Charging Infrastructure Working Group- 5th Meeting

28th July, 2022

EV Charging Infrastructure Working Group- 5th Meeting

At the 5th meeting of the Delhi Government's Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Working Group, stakeholders across government agencies, DISCOMS and EV industry/think tanks came together to discuss the formulation and adoption of a coordinated strategy for leapfrogging Delhi’s emergence as India’s EV Capital. 

The Working Group, chaired by the Vice Chairperson, Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) of Delhi, Sh. Jasmine Shah, plays an important role in guiding the overall strategy for an accelerated roll-out of public and private EV charging infrastructure in Delhi. 

The Delhi government will join hands with DISCOMS, MCD and NDMC to create a coordinated strategy for rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure. A plan for the same is set to be launched during the 4th Delhi EV Forum on 22 August, 2022, which will also mark the two year anniversary of Delhi’s landmark EV policy.