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The present Government of NCT of Delhi came to power in February 2015 on the basis of a manifesto crafted through an extensive series of ‘Delhi Dialogues’ with all sections of society. With an innate belief that the process of dialogue should be carried forth even after the formation of government, the Aam Aadmi Party-led Delhi Government constituted the Delhi Dialogue Commission vide its Cabinet Decision no. 2131 dated 27th February 2015.

The Commission was formed with the aim of providing a unique model of collaborative and inclusive development in Delhi. It was set up to bridge the knowledge and capacity deficit in the government, and to take advantage of the vast pool of domain expertise that lies outside the government. The Commission was tasked with the role of considering ideas, identifying the best practices and policies from around the world, and translating these into concrete recommendations to the Government of NCT of Delhi.

Since its formation, the Commission has submitted a number of policy reports and recommendations to the Government of NCT of Delhi on a wide array of development issues. These issues include an infant health insurance scheme, establishment of a Health Care Corporation in Delhi, Delhi Solar Policy, leveraging technology for dengue vector surveillance, piloting of battery electric buses etc.

Subsequently, in addendum to Cabinet Decision no. 2294 dated 24.02.2016, the Council of Ministers of Government of NCT of Delhi modified the terms of reference and the terms and conditions of the Commission vide its decision no. 2945 dated 02.03.2021. The same was notified in the Delhi Gazette on 03.03.2022, effectively restructuring and strengthening the capacity of DDC Delhi.