Fair Wages for Contract Workers

DDC drafted the amendment of minimum wages Act and the same has been approved by the cabinet of Govt. NCT of Delhi.

The key recommendations of the draft are;

i) Award of contract for engaging workers based on service/agency charges and hence delinking the payment of statutory wages and other entitlements from the contractor’s profit and administrative expenses;

ii) Revision of Minimum Wage in line with the concept of “Living Wage” propounded by Hon’ble SC  were further discussed with Hon’ble Health and Labour Minister of Govt. of NCT and Labour Secretary. The DDC also suggested checks to prevent exploitation of contractual worker:

  1. a) the contractor will not be able to sack a worker summarily without taking the views of the department concerned.
  2. b) The contractor will have to enter into a simply worded agreement in Hindi.
  3. c) The idea of fixing a floor agency charge as a bidding condition was also deliberated upon,
  4. d) ln case of termination/expiry of the contract the new contractor may consider continuance

  of those workers whose performance has been rated as satisfactory by the department