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Delhi@2047 is a platform to enable private sector/CSR initiatives and philanthropic organizations to collaborate seamlessly with the Delhi Government to make Delhi the number one city in the world by 2047 – the 100th year of India’s independence.

In its budget for 2021-22, CM Arvind Kejriwal has outlined a bold vision to build a Delhi by 2047 that is:

1. Equitable with per capita income of Delhi being equal to Singapore and every person, rich or poor, having a high standard of living.
2. Modern with world-class infrastructure and public services. Delhi shall bid for hosting the 2048 Olympic games.
3. Sustainable in providing clean air and water to all its residents and resilient in fighting disasters. Delhi will have transitioned 100% to electric vehicles.

The Delhi@2047 initiative works along the following three dimensions to enable the vision for creating an equitable, modern and sustainable Delhi by 2047:

1. Guide spending by CSR and philanthropic initiatives into high-impact areas aligned with the long-term priorities for Delhi@2047.
2. Promote innovation that can serve as proof of concept for the government to scale and address the complex problems facing the national capital.
3. Create a conducive environment for attracting cutting-edge technology, talent, skills and the best management practices to address developmental challenges.

Delhi@2047 is hosted by the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) of Delhi. DDC is a premier think-tank of the Government of NCT of Delhi and advises the government in finding sustainable, people-centric solutions to the critical development challenges facing Delhi.

The first step is to join the Delhi@2047 initiative by signing up Join Delhi@2047 Once you have joined, you can either decide to collaborate with the Delhi Government on any of the current projects listed under the Delhi@2047 site, or you can write to us at ddcdelhi.2047@gmail.comdirectly with a project that aligns with the long-term vision for Delhi@2047 and needs the support of any department of Delhi Government. The Delhi@2047 team will work with you and the relevant department(s) of the Delhi Government to turn that idea into reality.