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School Clinic In Government School



Children studying in schools often require first-aid or emergency help as they may get injured during sports and other activities. Besides this, we also see that there is no culture of screening children for deficiencies both physical and cognitive. Screening children at an early stage can help with the diagnosis and organizing the required support.

School Clinics to provide physical and mental aid

Children in Delhi Government schools come from a stratum of society where the parents may not have the resources to take them to the doctors for regular check-ups. Several studies have exhibited a positive correlation between the health of children and learning outcomes. Following the philosophy of Mohalla Clinic, Delhi Government would like to set up School Clinics in all Government Schools. These clinics will have well-qualified medical staff including mental health professionals. They will conduct regular screening of children for vision, hearing, vitamin deficiencies, dental issues, learning disabilities and provide early intervention.

Delhi Government in cooperation with Delhi@2047 is looking to partner for the Module Development, tools for performance indication, digital infrastructure and other aspects of the school clinics.

Project Duration: This will commence in September 2021 and will be an ongoing collaboration.