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Rehabilitation Of Children Vulnerable To Substance Abuse In Yamuna Pushta,Delhi



Every year thousands of children run away from their homes due to abuse, violence and neglect. Sometimes forced labor and grinding poverty also force these children to come to urban areas like Delhi hoping for a better life. However, these innocent children are oblivious to the risks and vulnerabilities of crowded urban spaces which may range from sexual abuse, economic exploitation, violence or drug abuse.

Several studies have found that substance abuse is disproportionately higher among street children. This includes tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, cannabis, heroin, opium.

Rehabilitation of street children in and around Yamuna Pushta area of Delhi

Delhi Government has been constantly working to rehabilitate children through prevention, care and support. Many awareness programs have been launched by the government among school children. Delhi Government also operates 11 de-addiction centers.

However, regular de-addiction programs that require institutional care have their limitations. Delhi Government would like to pilot a community-based program targeted at prevention-treatment- rehabilitation for children living in the Yamuna Pushta area. A community-based approach is needed as most of these children are without adult supervision. The project will work on the issue of substance abuse and at the same time also provide long-term rehabilitation for these children.

Project Duration: This will initially be a pilot project that would be scaled up by the Delhi Government in other parts of Delhi.