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Community Parks And Gardens

Sustainable Development


Parks serve the local communities in multiple ways. The presence of a park in any area leads to a higher quality of life for residents. However, a large number of parks in Delhi are not maintained properly, especially smaller parks situated within colonies. Some of the common issues associated with parks are no maintenance of landscape, absence of water supply and electricity, absence of street furniture, poor aesthetics and presence of anti-social elements leading to a sense of insecurity, especially among women and children.

Delhi presently has around 18000 parks and gardens that need proper maintenance. These parks are maintained by horticulture divisions of multiple local agencies but there is no uniform standard for parks yet. Being mindful of the importance of the parks and with a vision to make Delhi greener, cleaner and a world-class city, Govt. of Delhi is transforming the city parks, making them more appealing and relevant according to the needs of the citizens. Govt. of Delhi aims to set common benchmarks for all parks to transform them into world-class ecological assets for the city.

Transforming Delhi’s Parks and Gardens

The Govt. of Delhi aims to create community-owned accessible green spaces for all residents of Delhi through digitization of parks, increasing civic participation, transformation & capacity building of horticulture agencies and going beyond beautification. These green spaces will be designed taking into consideration different uses such as gyms/sports, botanical, food parks, dog parks, live events among other things. A support mechanism will be created to facilitate an ongoing involvement of the public.

Considering the critical need for access to green spaces, the Govt. of Delhi plans to engage individuals and organizations interested in the ecological transformation of parks in Delhi. Through collaboration with the Delhi@2047 initiative, partners will be able to act as catalysts for change with administrative support from the Government.

The Govt. of Delhi would ensure the involvement of local elected representatives and citizens in all stages of the project.

Project Timeline

This project commenced in December 2021 and will continue for 3 years. For each phase parks in different areas of Delhi would be selected.