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City Of Lakes

Sustainable Development


Once upon a time, Delhi used to have more than 1000 water bodies and lakes. These water bodies act as buffer to store floodwater, recharge ground water levels, reduce ambient temperatures and urban heat island effect. Delhi being a landlocked city, these water bodies also act as natural reservoirs to store excess water during rainfall and prevent flooding. In addition, Delhi also produces 500 MGD of recycled water which is currently being wasted. This recycled water can be stored in  the proposed lakes which can further be used to reduce the deficit of 200 MGD water annually faced by Delhi. Water bodies also have social and cultural significance for various festivals like the Chhath Puja.

Rejuvenating Delhi Lakes

Delhi government has launched a dedicated initiative called ‘’City of lakes’’ to rejuvenate water bodies. In the first phase, 250 water bodies and 15 lakes have been identified. 50 of these would be rejuvenated by December 2021.

Results of completed projects are very promising and have led to an increase of up to 2 meters in groundwater levels. Lake revival also includes the planting of trees and providing appropriate infrastructure. We have seen in Dwarka and Rajokri that these rejuvenated lakes are providing much needed green public spaces for the local communities

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Project Duration: This is an ongoing project and we hope to revive 500 lakes in the next five years.