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Fellowship Assignment


At the end of the induction training, each Fellow is assigned to one of the many departments of the Government of NCT of Delhi working under the supervision of the respective Minister.

  • The Fellowship Assignment includes the key initiative(s) within the department that they will be contributing to, and specific details on roles and responsibilities.

  • Allocation of Fellowship Assignments depends upon both the needs of departments of GNCTD, and the skills and work experience that each of the Fellows bring.

  • Typical assignments will require Fellows to contribute through a variety of roles over 1-2 years such as due-diligence and background preparation to launch an ambitious reform, project management to fast-track implementation of priority projects, providing ground-up feedback to ministers/secretaries on progress of key programmes, strengthen concurrent monitoring & evaluation in key programmes etc. 

  • Though most Fellowship Assignments are expected to last two years, Fellows may be assigned to a different department or assignment at any time based on project needs.