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A platform for continuous engagement with stakeholders to implement the Delhi EV policy through a series of quarterly meetings

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The present Delhi government sprung from a people’s movement – a movement to eradicate corruption and to decentralize governance (Swaraj). Within a few years, many of our policies have received global acclaim – be it the transformation of government schools, provision of high-quality primary healthcare at mohalla clinics, 24×7 electricity provided at lowest tariff in India and home delivery of government services. We could do this by practicing honest politics and by bringing aam-aadmi (common man) at the centre of all our policies – a goal that DDC is dedicated towards as well.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Hon’ble Chief Minister and Chairperson,DDC

DDC was established with the belief that sustainable solutions to the complex problems facing Delhi can be found only when the voices of those outside the government – common citizens, academics, industry and civil society – can be brought to bear in the process of policymaking. DDC aims to nurture this dialogue between the people of Delhi and their government for effective formulation and implementation of policies.

Shri Jasmine Shah
Vice Chairperson, DDC

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